Jerry Nadler-Nadler Jerry Delights Dems Of Sombertown With Impeachment

Jerry Nadler

SOMBERTOWN D.C. – The despised dictator of impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Jerry Nadler-Nadler Jerry, is trying to ruin Christmas for millions with his framing of the president. Nadler Jerry hopes to nullify the 2016 election with his tyrannical behavior toward all Republicans.

The Democrats of Sombertown, however, are thrilled with his sham of an investigation targeting the president. Nancy Pelosi, representing the Democrats, explained, “Sombertown is named for the way we pretend to feel when we pretend to care about the Constitution. Somber and prayerful.”

Jerry Nadler-Nadler Jerry, in his bid to destroy President Trump, has banned logic, common sense, and integrity in Sombertown. Trump, however, has escaped every coup attempt the Democratic tyrants have set for him.

Sheila Jackson-Lee rants in Sombertown about the sins of Trump.

“Orange man bad!” Nadler Jerry told the townspeople. “I hate Trump, and Trump hates me. Either he is going or I am going, and I am certainly not going!” Nadler Jerry declared that Trump is “illegal, immoral, unlawful, and anyone caught talking to the president of Ukraine will be arrested and thrown in the dungeon. No kidding!”

In 2020, Pelosi and Nadler Jerry will find that the townspeople realize how silly their impeachment scam has been and they’ll fall out of favor. Along with villain Adam Schiff, they’re destined for the trash can of political history.

Jerry Nadler-Nadler Jerry


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