Joe Biden Fires Two Shotgun Blasts Into Air After Reporter Asks About Hunter


CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Democrat Joe Biden still feels the best way to scare off unwanted intruders is to fire two shotgun blasts in the air. While Biden loves the state-run media that runs cover for him, any reporter who asks about his son is seen as a threat.

A reporter asked Joe about the corruption scandal regarding the Biden family. Without missing a beat, Joe shocked everyone when he pulled a shotgun from behind the podium. The former VP quickly fired two blasts into the air, even before the reporter had finished asking their question.

A large pheasant plummeted to the ground in the middle of the audience. The bird was the only fatality of Biden’s outburst. Ironically, since the pheasant died as the result of a question about Biden’s son, it was technically killed by a Hunter. Ba-dum-bump.

Three Biden volunteers who were canvassing a nearby neighborhood were wounded by falling buckshot. After firing the shotgun, Biden asked, “Anybody else have any more questions about my family?” Every head shook from side to side.

“Good, because I can’t hear anything right now anyway.” Before exiting the stage, Joe comforted the crowd by telling them that if he did have to shoot any of them, he would only shoot them in the leg.


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