Joe Biden Goes All In For Voting By Pony Express

HIS BASEMENT – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden today heartily endorsed Nancy Pelosi’s proposed “cheat-by-mail” voting scam. Speaking from his basement, Joe said achieving voter fraud through the mail would be a huge boost to his party.

Biden, often unsure of what year it is, said he had complete confidence in the Pony Express and their ability to deliver ballots to Washington on time. “Man, those boys can ride! And they wouldn’t stand for any hanky-panky with those ballots along the way”

pony express

Democrats believe they can more easily commit voter fraud if voting is handled by the postal service. They complain that current voting methods are not susceptible enough for the manipulation they need to retain their political power.

When Biden was reminded that the country’s mail is already transported by trucks, rail and planes, the basement-dweller replied, “Yeah…right.”


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