Joe Biden Shouts ‘Get Off My Lawn!’ At Interviewer Asking About Cognitive Tests

DELAWARE – Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden showed his grumpy side in an interview today. During an interview with a CBS reporter, Biden was confronted with the cognitive elephant in the room.

The reporter asked Joe if he had taken any cognitive tests to measure his mental fitness to be president. The former VP lost his cool and snapped back at the reporter.

“Get off my lawn!” Biden shot back. The nonsensical response caught the reporter by surprise. “I’m not on your lawn, sir.” Biden shot back, “Are you one of them gangbangers? One of those junkies? Get the hell off my property, man.”


After being reminded that he was in a television studio, answering questions from a member of the media, Joe calmed down. “I really wish now that I had run for president in 2020,” he said. “But we all have regrets, I guess.”

Joe was then told that he was running for president, and that it IS 2020 right now. “Be that as it may, I don’t even know what cognitive means. What are you talking about, junkie?”

He concluded by telling the reporter, “Look, I’m being tested constantly on my cognitive abilities, but I haven’t actually had my cognitive abilities tested. Why would I? C’mon, man!”


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