Josh Earnest Gives Final Briefing as Obama’s Minister of Propaganda

WASHINGTON – It was a big day for 17 year-old White House Minister of Propaganda Josh Earnest, as he gave his final bullsh*t session to reporters today. President Obama even made a surprise visit to heap praise on the boy wonder.

“Josh is a fine young man. And a damn good liar!” Obama told members of the press. “Many times when I was in a mess, I would sit in the Oval Office and watch on TV and marvel at the web of deceit he would weave for the American people. He got me out of more than a few serious scandals, I can tell you that.”

The President then excused himself after he wished Josh a successful final semester in high school.

As he sipped on a juice box, Earnest said the things he was going to miss the most about his position as Minister of Propaganda were the parsing of language, the long, thoughtful pauses as he dreamed up new lies, and sitting on the president’s lap.

Josh hopes to finish high school, buy his first car, finish going through puberty, and go to work for CNN.

josh earnest


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