Judge Kills Obamacare, Dems Given Board Game As Consolation Prize


TEXAS – A federal judge here essentially killed Obamacare in a ruling last week. Sure, there will be appeals for years to come. But what’s a Democrat to do in the meantime? Fortunately, the judge reminded them they will always have the Obamacare board game as a consolation prize.

The judge recommended that Democratic leaders work on coming up with a plan that isn’t unconstitutional and forced down the throats of Americans. Then he thanked them for playing.

The board game Democrats are left with is sure to be a big help in dealing with their grief over losing the healthcare scam. The Obamacare board game has many of the aspects of the actual legislation.

The game is rigged against players from the start. In fact, the tagline for the game is “You’re either broke or you’re dead.” Just like the real thing! Players go around the board, getting penalized with taxes, rising premiums, and sky high deductibles.

According to the instructions: Players can choose to be Democrat, Republican, Green Party or Antifa. Each player starts out as a small business owner (except the Antifa players, who are unemployed).

The goal is to avoid being caught by the IRS, be the last to run out of money, and not be ousted from the game by a death panel. Children of Democrats will learn valuable lessons too. They’ll see that even though Obamacare didn’t provide real healthcare people needed or could afford, it did make them feel better knowing they had something they could call insurance.

That’s a good feeling for Democrats. And that’s what Obamacare was all about – feelings – and not those pesky results!


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