Kamala Harris Hosts DNC Hollywood Squares, ‘Deranged Democrat’ Edition

DELAWARE – To liven up a boring Democratic National Convention, VP-nominee Kamala Harris hosted a version of the iconic Hollywood Squares game show last night. It’s been dubbed the ‘Deranged Democrat‘ edition of the show.

As host, Harris asked deranged Democrats various questions about what makes America such a terrible place. Contestants pressed a button that illuminated their square with a colored circle, the color depending on the order they buzzed in.

The enthusiasm was so weak for the show that some of the contestants were duplicated to fill out the squares. Kamala explained the rules just before Round 1.

“I’d like to remind our contestants that EVERY answer to the questions I’ll be asking tonight, is ‘DONALD TRUMP.’ Everybody got that? OK, let’s play The Squares!”

hollywood squares

Harris then proceeded to ask questions like;

  •  “Who created the coronavirus in a lab under the White House and then released it across the country – by himself?”
  • “Name the person who really kneeled on George Floyd’s neck?”
  • “Which current Commander-In-Chief wants to keep you from voting, by forcing you to vote in person?!”
  • “Which current president wants to kill you and your family by denying you universal healthcare?”
  • “There is a man who flies on Air Force One. There’s a Nazi who flies on Air Force One. It’s the same person. What is this president’s name?”

This went on for 30 minutes. The contestants did fairly well and got most answers correct. They each won fabulous prizes, ranging from knitted p*ssy hats to getting to meet an animated version of Joe Biden himself. Ratings for the show have not yet been released.


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