Late Show’s Colbert Officially a Turd Nugget After Calling Trump ‘Putin’s C*ck Holster’

NEW YORK – CBS has got to be grinning from ear to crooked ear after their favorite son of late night TV grabbed headlines this week for slamming President Trump. The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert referred to the president as “Putin’s c*ck holster.” You can buy a vowel if you’d like.

Echoing Michelle Obama’s famous quote from the Democratic National Convention, “When they go low….we go lower,” the former first lady must be proud. Colbert has made a name for himself on TV by being a twat waffle for years now.

Being a douche nozzle toward his enemies on the Right is what has endeared Colbert to his fans on the Left, and made him the major tool that he is today. Also, Colbert knows that being a pie-faced crotch pheasant is what his audience wants to see on a nightly basis.

Even his late-night competitor Jimmy Fallon thinks Stephen has always been pretty much an ass goblin. And many in the twittersphere are now demanding that Colbert be fired for his comments. Yeah, that’s going to happen.

CBS is loving this, and Stephen will continue to push the envelope. Maybe he knows or hears something the rest of us don’t. Perhaps that’s why his right ear is permanently “cocked” (sorry) to the side?


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2 Thoughts to “Late Show’s Colbert Officially a Turd Nugget After Calling Trump ‘Putin’s C*ck Holster’

  1. Robert

    Michelle Obama’s exact quote is: ” When they go low we go high” you don’t have to insert lies into your narrative to bolster yourself.
    Colbert did go over the top on this one, I watch him daily and I know how much he hates Trump. As a lefty I’m not a Trump supporter but he is our president and I believe we should at the very least respect the office of the presidency.

    1. E. Williams

      Just because Michelle said it doesn’t make it true. We see time after time that the Dems (Schumer, Pelosi, Durbin, Wasserman, Perez, etc.) choose LOWER. Their actions are what they’ll be judged on more than their words, which are worth next to nothing.

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