Lawyer Michael Cohen Achieves Dream Of Becoming Recording Artist, DJ

WASHINGTON – Working under the name “DJ Droopy,” former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has revealed that he always hoped to become a professional disc jockey or recording artist. His dreams are now coming true.

Cohen has recorded 183 sessions between himself and various clients (including a few with President Trump) and word is that he’s putting together a mix-tape of some of the tracks to present to Robert Mueller. Though almost through with the editing process, a release date for the new material has not yet been announced.

Cohen, who goes by “DJ Droopy” while in the studio – because of his droopy eyes and constant hangdog expression – says some of his recordings will rival or exceed anything ever put out by Eminem.

DJ Droopy, booking a future gig.

According to Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, the president only appears on 12 of Droopy’s recordings. Those 12 tracks would likely make up the bulk of Droopy’s first album. Already, Cohen has been booking gigs such as bachelor, fraternity, and pool parties where he’ll spin for the millennial homies.

Some of Droopy’s recorded tracks the kids can look forward to dancing to include; Disbarred, The McDougal Shuffle, Trump Thumpin,’ and The Attorney/Client Double Dutch.


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