Left Calls Trump Racist After He Insults Rats Of Color In Baltimore


WEST BALTIMORE – President Trump is facing new attacks of racism after insulting Democrat Elijah Cummings and the rats of color that populate his district. Most of the rodents in this city are either gray, black or brown – making them rats of color.

After the president brought attention to the rat infestation problem that has long been neglected by Rep. Cummings, the congressman fired back angrily. “If our rats were white, I guarantee our racist president wouldn’t have said a word about this! And not that I spend much time in my own district, but I have yet to see a white rat here.”

A typical white rat wouldn’t be caught dead in Cummings’ district. They can usually be found hanging out in laboratories or better parts of town like Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, and Hampden.

Democrats were outraged that the president would dare to point out another in the long list of failed communities that are run by Democrats. “That’s bad enough,” Cummings said, “But I also represent the hundreds of thousands of feral rats that call West Baltimore home. Some are so big we even let them vote!”

At the time news of the story broke, Democrats had almost gone one hour without charging Trump with being a racist. It was fortunate the president’s tweet came out when it did.


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