Left Hates SCOTUS Erasing Roe V. Wade Mistake, Kind Of Like An Abortion?

Roe v. Wade

WASHINGTON – Someday soon, the landmark abortion case from 1973, Roe v. Wade, may be aborted by the Supreme Court. And Democrats are losing their minds. But isn’t the SCOTUS correcting a mistake the same thing progressives view an abortion as being – correcting a mistake?

The gnashing of teeth and tribal screams have begun. They mad. Maybe Obama told them if they like their Roe v. Wade, they can keep their Roe v. Wade? Sorry. 50 years a mistake is still a mistake.

Dems are freaking out though, acting like they’ll never be able to kill a baby again. “I felt like someone reached inside me and ripped out my insides when I heard the news,” lamented Tamara McNiel. “I thought me and my friends would always be able to get as many abortions as we wanted. Maybe we took that for granted. F*** you, Supreme Court!”

The official delivery of a ruling overturning Roe v. Wade has a due date in late June. However, the Court may abort the decision earlier in the case of incest (ewww) or if the life of a Justice is in danger.

Stay tuned and keep popcorn at the ready!


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One Thought to “Left Hates SCOTUS Erasing Roe V. Wade Mistake, Kind Of Like An Abortion?

  1. To show you how stupid these people are, don’t they realize without abortion, they would have gained 63 million voters? Every single election, even in Texas, would have been a Democrat landslide! What idiots!!!

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