Leftist Nightmare: Worse To Have Chinese Virus Or Hear Someone Call It Chinese Virus?

Chinese Virus

CALIFORNIA – Progressives on the American Left are having a tough time right now. Besides a deep-down knowing that Donald Trump will be their president for four more years, this coronavirus thing is hitting them from all sides.

Yesterday, the president called the coronavirus the “Chinese Virus.” The anguish on the left was immeasurable. And it unleashed a hellish conundrum for them. Is it more painful to actually contract and suffer through having the Chinese Virus…or is it much, much, much worse to hear someone call it that in person or on Twitter?

The symptoms of both have similarities. Both make Leftist’s ill. Both give them headaches. The actual virus can cause breathing difficulties, while the latter causes them to hyperventilate.

Manny Taurez, a sophomore at Berkeley, says he and his friends are conflicted over the choice. “The first time we heard the president call COVID-19 the ‘Chinese Virus,’ it was like a punch in the gut. Personally, I was literally in bed for days. He’s got no right to call it that. I felt so bad that I wished I had the actual virus instead. It’s a hard time for our side right now.”

In addition, with more and more countries around the world instituting travel bans against foreigners, it’s getting impossible to keep track of which countries are racist and which one’s aren’t. (Tip from progressives on Twitter – Only America is racist for any kind of travel ban. European and all other countries only institute travel bans for saintly reasons).

Poor babies.


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