Leftists Claim Founding Fathers Signed Blank Sheet Of Paper, Called It Constitution


TWITTER – Liberals on Twitter slammed President Trump for what they claim is a picture of Mean Orange Man signing a blank sheet of paper. The picture was supposed to show that the president is still working, despite his ongoing treatment for coronavirus at Walter Reed Hospital.

There is no way to tell from the picture what the president was signing, or if it had something printed on it. That hasn’t stopped leftists from taking to Twitter en masse to say the photo was staged. Since leftists are praying (some for the very first time) that the coronavirus will take the president’s life, the thought of him making a full recovery is unbearable.

So now, millions of Twits are suddenly political sleuths. In fact, many claim that our Constitution was nothing more than a large, blank sheet of paper that the Founding Fathers signed.

“I studied a painting of the ‘signing of our Constitution,'” said Bart Timmons, a leftist from Chicago. “I didn’t see no words on that paper. It looked blank to me. This is proof to me that this constitution thing is bogus.”

Ashley Connor agreed. “I follow Bart on Twitter, and when I started seeing all these blue checks on Twitter agreeing with what he posted, I just jumped on the crazy train with them. After all, paintings are just as reliable as actual photographs, right?”

And all of this was on Twitter. So you knows it’s true.


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  1. If I catch Democrat-20 can I be cured?

    1. E. Williams

      Biden-20 is the only thing worse than Covid-19!

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