Leftists: Packers Lost Playoff Game Because QB Rodgers’ Wrong Covid Views


GREEN BAY – The San Francisco 49er’s stunned the Green Bay Packers in a playoff game Saturday night. Packers fans were left wondering what could have been after the loss. What went wrong? Well, non-football-playing leftists took to Twitter as the game ended and set the record straight.

American leftists believe that Aaron Rodgers’ anti-vax stance on covid is what ultimately brought the team down. “You know the old saying….Karma is a progressive woman,” tweeted masked Trey Klieber. “And she never forgets. Consider yourself immunized, b****!”

Patty Coleman, a college student, tweeted with her mask on, “F you, Aaron Rodgers! You deserve to lose and be embarrassed for not agreeing with our side on vaccines and masks! All praise to Dr. Fauci!” The gloating tweets went on and on.

Matt LaFleur, Green Bay’s coach, said in a post-game interview, “It’s not all Aaron’s fault. We didn’t understand how political karma could affect the outcome of a game. The guys played hard, but being on the opposite side of a political view can apparently come back to bite you. We’ll have to take the virus more seriously next season, I guess.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci even weighed in on the game. “Well, I think that skill and game execution are important factors in any win or loss. Having said that, I can’t discount the fact that Mr. Rodgers’ covid views are, in my opinion, misguided and dangerous. So he must be punished for that. That’s probably what last night’s loss was. It’s just a shame that his whole team had to be punished because he doesn’t agree with what I say.”

A masked-up Kevin Scharf tweeted, “I just tested negative for sympathy, Aaron! Hahahaha!” Others insisted that lying to teammates about his vaccination status is what cost his team the win.

The 49er’s kicker who won the game as time expired said he believes that Aaron’s views on covid definitely played a part in whether his kick was going to be good or not. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league would let teams know what views they’re allowed to hold, and the risks of losing if they don’t share the left’s groupthink psychosis.


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