Liberal Supremacist and White Supremacist Groups Clash in Asshole Olympics

CHARLOTTSVILLE – The Asshole Olympics were held this weekend in Virginia, and both sides brought their “A” game. White supremacists faced off against liberal supremacists (those who like to call themselves anti-fascists, or as the media call them, “counter-protesters,” and the results were explosive.

While the vast majority of America shook its collective head, the two fringe groups punched, kicked, and mowed each other down with as much hate and anger as they could muster. The competition left several players dead and numerous others with serious injuries.

The battle of crazy culminated when a white supremacist did his best Dukes of Hazzard impression, and plowed his Dodge Charger into a crowd of protesters. Both groups of supremacists, who wrongly think they represent a majority view in America, again showed the country what assholes they really are.

The Grand Master asshole.

This year’s Olympics also resulted in the media acting like every white American must now publicly denounce Nazism (duh!), and saw the ANTIFA protester, who was unfortunately killed in the Charger incident, elevated to immediate sainthood by the Left.

There were no winners in these Olympics. Both sides suck.

**To satisfy America’s progressives, in addition to stating the obvious denouncement of Nazism, white America would like to announce they are adamantly opposed to cancer, pedophiles, Mondays, and slow internet connections.


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2 Thoughts to “Liberal Supremacist and White Supremacist Groups Clash in Asshole Olympics

  1. Artiewhitefox

    Alt right people did not want the statue of General Lee to be taken down. In march liberals as dumb as a beast wanting to take down people. Liberals did not bring anything good when they came. Liberals need to be ashamed.

    1. E. Williams

      Yep, even though I despise what the supremacists stand for, had the Left not bussed in antifa agitators, the protest would have come and gone without violence.

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