Liberal Women Flock to Salons Demanding ‘Disheveled’ Ford Hairstyle

WASHINGTON – Salons around the country are being flooded with appointments from liberal women who now want the disheveled, ‘in your face’ hairstyle sported by Judge Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. During her Senate testimony recently, Ford’s untamed hair seemed to have a mind of its own.

The hairstyle craze is said to be the biggest since Jennifer Aniston’s “The Rachel” back in the 1990’s. Even effeminate, progressive males are booking appointments to get the hot look.

#MeToo feminists say benefits of the new hairstyle include repelling men, appearing distressed, and having hair strands drop into your bowl of soup.

Brittany Sargent, a large lesbian and junior at the University of Maryland, explained, “I believe her. And I think people will believe me more after I get my Dr. Ford cut next Thursday. I’ve been searching for a credible look for a while now. She seems credible to me, so I’m excited!”

Ford cautions that it takes time to train your hair to snake around your glasses or do other tricks.

Sherrie Jensen, owner of You’ve Got the Look salon, said, “It’s a terrible look, but it’s what these people want. I think they like the little ‘tinge of crazy’ vibe that the style evokes.”

Jensen said she charges $36 for the cut – one dollar for every year it took Dr. Ford to bring the style to America’s fashion landscape.


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3 Thoughts to “Liberal Women Flock to Salons Demanding ‘Disheveled’ Ford Hairstyle

  1. Such a telling treatise on the American fashion scene. Maybe that’s why “Fashion Week” is held in Milan and Paris and not in Washington? Oh…and by the way…it’s not “she’s a large lesbian…” you need to be politically correct… it’s “she’s a gravity-challenged lesbian”. Keep up the good work, Eric!

    1. E. Williams

      Thanks, buddy!

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