List of Top 10 ‘Most Body-Slam Worthy’ Members of Media Released

MONTANA – So a member of the Montana GOP roughed up a member of the press. A Montana think tank has released the latest list of what they call the “Top 10 Most Body-Slam Worthy” members of our mainstream media.

Montanans are a rugged bunch and they can sense when a member of the arrogant media needs a good smack down. Here is their latest list of those media types who could use having a can of whoop-ass opened on them:

10. Juan Williams – Whiny Juan, what else can you say? He would cry.

9. Chris Cuomo – His birth certificate says his middle name is “cocky.” Cocky needs to meet Rocky.

8. Megyn Kelly – Americans usually aren’t big on those who are this full of themselves. Enough said.

7. Andrea Mitchell – As rude and biased as they come.

6. Shepard Smith – Despite handling breaking news stories OK, interjecting unnecessary personal opinions on air keep him Fox News Channel’s #1 douchebag.

5. Rachel Maddow – If for no other reason than her annoying, condescending speaking style and her uncontrollable flailing arms while spouting about uncovering damning information on Donald Trump’s cable bill from 1992.

4. Anderson Cooper – Let’s be honest, Anderson couldn’t handle more than a bitch slap.

3. Don Lemon – He acts like a racist brat. A top rope elbow drop or body-slam might teach him a little humility.

2. Chris Matthews – No one deserves a well executed piledriver more than this guy.

1. Joe & Mika – A two-fer. Any WWE finishing moves would be suitable for use on this incessantly annoying, pompous, wannabe power couple.

** The anonymous think tank wants to make clear that they do not condone violence to those people listed, or anybody else, unless it is in your fantasies.



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