London Mayor Khan: “Come for the Landmarks, Stay for the Terror”


LONDON – The city’s left-wing mayor, Sadiq Khan, wants the world to know that his city is open and ready for business, despite several recent terrorist attacks which have put London on edge.

While not wanting to address the obvious radical Islamist element in his city, Khan recognizes that terror can be bad for tourism. “Look, anytime you decide to go on an international vacation, you’re taking your life in your own hands. None of us knows when or how Allah is going to call us home,” Sadiq matter-of-factly stated.

“But let’s say you come here and there is a terror attack. The odds of you, or someone you care about, getting caught in the middle of it is extremely low. Plus, think of the story you would have to tell, should you survive your trip here!”

The mayor has said previously that terror attacks are just part of life in a big city. (So is trash, but they round that up and take it away). So come to London, and have a jolly good time – until you hear gunshots, explosions, or the sound of a truck speeding toward the crowd of people near you.

Just don’t press Mayor Sadiq on the Islamic elephant in the room, or you’ll likely suffer the wrath of Khan.


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4 Thoughts to “London Mayor Khan: “Come for the Landmarks, Stay for the Terror”

  1. Lynn Herlihy

    Sadly, this is so true. I made my first trip to London 3 years ago, and saw whole families of Muslims living in a hotel room & it appeared to be for long periods of time. Also, Lots of Muslim women bellowing and begging for money every night. My favorite place to visit was the Tower, because I read so much about that period of time. Now, all I can think of is how the islamic Terrorists could capture that, and have a wonderful House of Terror, locking children and women up to rape first and then behead. That stupid Mayor would probably urge tourists to visit to watch the unholy bloodbath and the cleansing of London of its Infidels. (Sorry, you said it so much better than me, but writing this cleansed my soul of hate for a while)

    1. E. Williams

      Thanks, Lynn. It’s a sad situation….and hard to write satire when you’re angry, that’s for sure!

  2. Anonymous

    You know…I don’t think I’d take a FREE vacation to London right now. They could fly me over on British Airways with naked flight attendants (the female kind with straight teeth!), and I doubt I would take the trip!

    1. E. Williams


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