Mackenzie Bezos on Megyn Kelly’s $69 Million Score: That’s Cute

AMAZONIA – When news hit this week that NBC had settled with Megyn Kelly, and agreed to pay her $69 million to be rid of her, the dollar amount was staggering. However, not everybody was impressed.

Mackenzie Bezos, the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, found the news amusing. “$69 million? With an M?” Bezos asked. “That’s cute. I wish her well. I just don’t know how anybody survives on that amount, to be honest.”

Megyn Kelly starts to mouth a four-letter word after hearing one little letter separated her payday and that of Mackenzie Bezos, pending her divorce.

Mackenzie prefers to have a B with her illions. She could end up with around $69 Billion in the divorce from her Amazon hubby. Don’t cry for her though.

According to Mackenzie’s browsing history, Amazon has recommended 1400 men whom she might be interested in for her next husband. She’s already added 8 gentlemen to her cart, and put 3 other men on her Amazon wish list.

All 11 prospective replacements have five-star ratings, with a minimum 1000 reviews per man.

Alexa will handle all legal matters pertaining to the couple’s upcoming divorce.


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