Mainstream Media: “WikiLeaks? Never Heard of It”

ATLANTA – Members of the mainstream media (MSM) admitted yesterday they have no idea what “WikiLeaks” is. They say that unless WikiLeaks is a clearinghouse for women who claim that Donald Trump groped them 20 years ago, they’re not interested.

Clinton News Network president Jeff Zucker explained it this way: “We’ve got Ken Bone to report on, the ongoing investigation into the Kim Kardashian robbery, Colin Kaepernick getting to start for San Francisco, not to mention getting Hillary into the White House by any means necessary.”

David Rhodes, president of CBS News, wasn’t familiar with WikiLeaks either. “This WikiLeaks, frankly, sounds made up. If it was actually, as you say, publishing emails from members of the Clinton campaign and, in their own words, showing cover-ups, collusion with the media, and corruption by Hillary, we would have heard of it by now.”

Rhodes, whose brother is Ben Rhodes, a national security adviser for President Obama, insists Ben would have clued him in on such an organization, if it existed.

Phil Griffin, head of MSNBC News, was also in the dark about Wikileaks. “You say this Wiki thing has copies of emails from Mrs. Clinton that implicate her in wrongdoing. But Hillary turned over all of her emails to authorities last year. Either you’re lying, or she’s lying, and Chris Matthews has assured me that Hillary Clinton has never told a lie.”

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to take this call from another woman who claims Donald Trump brushed up against her in 1989. We’re leading off the next hour with the story. The poor woman is devastated!”



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