March For Life Leaves Media Appalled at Lack of Looting, Arrests

WASHINGTON – The mainstream media complex is disgusted and appalled by the public display of civility, respect, and good manners shown at this week’s March For Life rally held this week. So far, there have been no arrests made of any of the well-behaved protesters.

NBC’s Chuck Todd reported last night, “There has been no violence, profanity, or looting by any of these protesters at the March For Life! They call that a rally? What the hell’s wrong with these people. They’re behaving like a bunch of lunatic Nazis!!”

According to Van Jones from CNN (not The Onion), “We haven’t seen a single incident of public defecation during this march and, during her earlier address to the crowd, Kellyanne Conway did not even shout about her vagina ONE TIME! These people are scaring the crap out of me.”

March For Life

MSNBC’s Joy Reid did find something to criticize though. “We haven’t seen any cars set on fire or businesses being torched, but our cameraman did see a man lighting his cigar. And if that weren’t bad enough, while these marchers picked up their signs and garbage instead of trashing the place like the Women’s March people did, it does appear that someone accidentally bumped into a trash can, knocking it over. We can’t confirm at this time whether the trash was picked up or not.”

Finally, Martha Raddatz of ABC News reported, “I don’t know how these marchers can expect the American people to take their anti-abortion stance seriously if they’re not going to beat up those who disagree with them, throw rocks at police, or overturn cars. What a bunch of losers.”


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4 Thoughts to “March For Life Leaves Media Appalled at Lack of Looting, Arrests

  1. Predictably, some leftist commenter above dragged out that old canard about how pro-lifers only care about babies before they’re born, and don’t care what happens to them afterwards. I’ve been involved in pro-life work for almost forty years and if I’ve heard that accusation once, I’ve heard it a thousand times. How dense can these people be? In case they haven’t noticed, it’s already illegal to kill babies after they have exited the womb; all pro-lifers are asking is that the same courtesy be extended to babies who are still in the womb. No human being’s right not to be killed should be contingent upon his or her place of residence.

    1. E. Williams

      Well said!

  2. […] Source: March For Life Leaves Media Appalled at Lack of Looting, Arrests – The Barbed Wire […]

    1. E. Williams

      Thanks for the RB!!

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