Matrix Directors Applaud Houston Astros’ Special Effects Team

OAKLAND – Directors of The Matrix trilogy, the Wachowski siblings, were blown away by the work of the Houston Astros special effects team for a stunt they pulled off in a game last night. The Astros were taking on the Oakland A’s when the feat took place.

Astros pitcher Colin McHugh faced a hard line drive off the bat of an A’s hitter, when Astros special effects wizards sprung into action. As the baseball hurtled toward his face, McHugh says he actually saw the Matrix for a split second, and the team’s special effects made it look like the pitcher still had his chin intact.

According to the pitcher, “While in the Matrix, I saw 2 seconds into the future, so I knew the hit would turn into a double play for us. That’s why I was trying to bend backwards to avoid contact and let the ball go through.”

Lana Wachowski said, “I totally bought it. You know, in the movies we get multiple takes to get a shot just right. The Astros’ CGI team got it in one take! I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive.”


Even Morpheus felt compelled to comment on the teamwork. “In the moment, Colin and his special effects guys had to make a choice. Take the blue pill and get hit in the face, ending up on injured reserve. Or, take the red pill and make the #1 play on Sportscenter that night – possibly winning an ESPY later in the year. Just like in politics, red is always a wiser choice than blue.”

Keanu Reeves watched the clip this morning and only had one thing to say about it. “Whoa.”


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