Mayor Pete’s Soleimani TMI: Taking Out Bad Guys Not Always Good Idea

CAMPAIGN TRAIL – 2020 Democrat hopeful, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, made headlines in the wake of the US killing of Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. The inexperienced mayor said that “taking out a bad guy is not always a good idea.”

Pete told a campaign crowd, “As a gay man, I’ve taken out lots of bad guys. We all get trapped by the allure of the ‘bad boy,’ am I right? But, trust me, things rarely turn out as magical with them as it does in our minds.

“I’ve been there. You wake up the next morning and they’re gone. You never hear from them again. Sure, it’s fun when the drinks are flowing, but bad guys will break your heart in the end. I just leave them alone these days. They can’t cause you problems if you simply ignore them.”

bad guys
The mayor remembering some of his not so pleasant experiences with bad guys.

Buttigieg said this personal philosophy would guide his foreign policy if elected president. “For instance, I might consider Soleimani a bad boy. It might be killing me not to give that bad boy a spanking for things he’s done. That doesn’t mean I need to take the bait. It wouldn’t be very presidential.

“Of course, I say that now. But if he and that salt and pepper beard were standing here, reading me poetry, instead of packed neatly in a cardboard box……I’ll be honest, I’d probably crumble.”

You’re a real tough guy, Pete.


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