Media On Edge After Seeing Trump’s CNN Body Slam Video

NEW YORK – President Trump shocked members of the media everywhere today, when he released a parody video showing The Prez body slamming a person representing CNN to the ground at a WWE event.

It should be pointed out that most members of the media don’t have a sense of humor. So, of course, they miss the joke and believe Trump is inciting violence against their profession. Below is the released video, followed by comments made by various skittish journalists:

From CNN –

Jim Acosta – “Was that me he was slamming to the ground?! I feel like it was. They target me every day. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t report the truth! I’m a wreck.”

Ana Navarro – “This incites violence against the media. I’m scared when I open the fridge, thinking he might lunge out at me! I have my bodyguard check behind the shower curtain before I’ll go in my restroom.”

Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, and Wolf Blitzer – “Collectively, all of our manginas are hurting, and the CNN video made each of us queasy.”

Other MSM types –

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow – “I resent having to ‘take it,’ just because I regularly dish it out. And now I’m afraid to go to a WWE event.”

MSNBC’s Joe and Mika – “We know it says ‘CNN’ in it, but we know this is directed at us. Everything’s about us. Always.”

NYT reporter Alan Rappeport – “I sleep with the lights on these days. That CNN video was chilling. The wife and kids are staying at her moms until this blows over.”

ABC’s Matthew Dowd – “It’s tough to come up with new made-up, anti-Trump stories when you’re always looking over your shoulder. Let me tell ya, these are scary times for those of us in this noblest of professions.”


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2 Thoughts to “Media On Edge After Seeing Trump’s CNN Body Slam Video

  1. The next thing you know, they’re going to start calling Donald Trump a psychopathic terrorist and want him deported! Oh, wait…isn’t that already happening??? I think CNN is starting a new show called “Donald Trump Is A Psychopathic Terrorist And Should Be Deported!”

    1. E. Williams

      I saw it last night! They’re playing it on a continuous loop.

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