Media Furious After Doc Says Trump Tested Negative For ‘White Supremacy’ In Hospital

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MARYLAND – Doctors treating President Trump for covid-19 at Walter Reed Hospital gave an update on the president’s condition today. However, members of the press were outraged at what else the doctors said.

Throughout the health update, there wasn’t even a mention of whether the president had denounced white supremacy while receiving treatment. CNN’s Jim Acosta was driven to tears after the presser. “All they gave us was information on treatments, the president’s mood, oxygen levels. Who cares about that?”

“There was not one mention by the doctors that the president denounced white supremacy! How is that even possible? What are they hiding from us?!” Unable to go on, a teary-eyed Acosta signaled his cameraman to cut.

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS News was fit to be tied. “All I saw up there were a bunch of crackers in white coats! Not a brother among the bunch. Why would they even think the public would care about Trump’s condition, mood, vitals, prognosis and what not? Did they…or did they not determine that he’s a white supremacist during his stay? It’s not that hard. That’s all anyone cares about!”

Nearly all media outlets were outraged at how the team of doctors danced around the issue of white supremacy. Finally, one of the doctors said that Trump had been tested for white supremacy, and all tests came back negative. Shouts of “false negative!” erupted among the press gaggle.

After the cameras were turned off, another doctor told a reporter that white supremacy was “just an idea.” The reporter’s head exploded. Since it was a journalist, doctors were debating whether it was worth the trouble of re-attaching the head at press time.


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  1. Beautiful. I believe I would follow and promote a site reporting media people who repeatedly abuse their profession and mislead people nationally and internationally. Like with a top 20 list dynamically changing on a daily basis with samples of the abusers’ biased/loaded questions and reporting compared to actual fact. Of course there will be Dems. And YES there will be Republicans. Otherwise such as site would be worse than the abuse it sought to expose. Be virtually impossible to have the site report flagrant violators in politics, business, and science. I mean there are only so many hours in a day.

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