Media Slam Trump Rhetoric For Causing Dodgers World Series Collapse


LOS ANGELES – The Boston Red Sox are world champions again. They defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4 games to 1 to claim the title. Some say it was Boston’s pitching, timely hitting, or the Dodgers’ quiet bats that were to blame for LA’s loss.

The media know better. They always do. President Trump rigged the series before it even started. “From being here in Dodger Stadium, I can tell you first hand, because I witnessed this myself, there were people openly rooting for the visiting team,” reported CNN’s Dana Bash.

A sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times wrote, “It’s fairly obvious to any open-minded sports fan that, by not actually saying anything about the World Series in remarks to his supporters this last week, the President was sending a dog whistle to the Red Sox to take out the Dodgers. And I’ll never believe otherwise.”

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Trump’s questioning of his bullpen moves definitely affected the morale of his team.

MSNBC reported early Monday morning that the president had been working overtime this week to destroy the country. “He sent out explosives to prominent Democrats, gunned down 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and caused the Dodgers to lose the series last night. Where I come from, that would be considered a busy week. The man is truly evil,” remarked Joe Scarborough.

Late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, a Dodgers fan himself explained it best. “Look, I wanted LA to win the championship. They didn’t. So, when something doesn’t go my way, I blame Trump. He ginned up the Red Sox players somehow with his words this week, and he needs to be removed from office. That’s all I have to say about it.”

Hillary Clinton even chimed in on the subject because….why wouldn’t she? “Being a two-time loser myself, I understand the frustration that Dodger fans have experienced these last two seasons. And I do believe the president’s rhetoric, especially his words on Twitter, just further inflames tensions between the American League and the National League.”


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