Megyn Kelly Ends Newt Segment Saying ‘This is CNN’

NEW YORK – News diva Megyn Kelly ended a contentious segment on last night’s show, a segment in which she argued with former Speaker Newt Gingrich about Donald Trump and the Clintons, by saying, “This… CNN. We’ll be right back.”

Kelly, whose smug bitchiness has become her trademark since the first Republican debate, seems to have been auditioning for a spot at CNN, MSNBC, or one of the main networks since last year. From the night of her period at that first debate, Kelly has been alienating her viewer base and has seen her show’s ratings drop steadily.


“I’m at a loss for why people have stopped watching my show,” Megyn said this morning. “I would think smug bitchiness would put asses in the seats, so I don’t get it. People act like I’ve been thinking I’m all that since last year. But I’ve been acting that way most of my life.”

Kelly acknowledges that a Hillary presidency will likely lead to a worsening economy, higher healthcare costs, layoffs, more companies moving abroad, and non-stop scandals due to an untrustworthy and unaccountable Clinton White House.

“All of that pales in comparison to Donald Trump’s words toward a dozen women over the last several decades. So, yes, he must be stopped. And I will stop him any way I can – be it from Fox News Channel, or the Clinton News Network. Last night’s segment was my demo tape for a CNN gig. Cross your fingers for me!”


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One Thought to “Megyn Kelly Ends Newt Segment Saying ‘This is CNN’

  1. Emma Teves

    Why is Megyn Kelly so hell bent on destroying Donald Trump what has he done to her to get so mad at her…. is it maybe because she would have liked him to go after her and she feels left out. I never did like her for her arrogance and bitchiness. Fox should have fired long ago and get Greta back,

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