Megyn Kelly’s Ego Leaving Fox, Signs With NBC

NEW YORK CITY – Known to many fans of Fox News Channel¬†(FNC) as “MeAgain” Kelly, Megyn Kelly’s ego has worked out a deal with NBC, and will be delighting many viewers with her departure. Since MeAgain’s ego ballooned after her fight with Donald Trump a year-and-a-half ago, countless viewers have been hoping she would take her smugness elsewhere.

We spoke to MeAgain’s ego, who had this to say: “I mean, just look at me. I’m hot, sexy, smart, funny, and I rock this blonde hair better than anyone. What’s not to love? The world deserves to see me as the wonderful creature I am, which is why the Peacock Network (NBC) fits me perfectly. I’ll be able to spread my beautiful feathers and show off my glamorous wardrobe to a new audience. But seriously, I’m a real catch for NBC because I’m so humble, I rarely talk about myself, I tell the best jokes anywhere on TV, I’m gracious, and…..did you notice my killer B’s and fashion model hairstyle? I’m a star, baby!!”


MeAgain’s ego was very candid about the next chapter in her life and shared some of the details of her new gig at NBC –

  • Kelly will host a daily, afternoon talk show
  • She’ll participate in breaking news coverage
  • Will have her own Sunday news show
  • Will be allowed to change her hairstyle up to, but not to exceed, 4 times a year
  • Will still be allowed to stab Republicans in the back during future presidential debates

The news of MeAgain’s ego’s departure from Fox continues the string of good news that conservatives have received since the November 8 election. Good riddance, MeAgain.


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  1. But you gotta admit…she WAS great fun to look at! Now she’s just another Deborah Norville Junior!

    1. E. Williams

      Such a shame.

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