Michael Moore Kneels in NFL Solidarity, 4.6 Quake Hits Michigan


MICHIGAN – Showing his solidarity with NFL social justice players, filmmaker Michael Moore took a knee today to join in protest over the national anthem controversy. Just after Moore took a knee, seismologists at the University of Michigan reported a rare 4.6 magnitude earthquake in the state.

While the epicenter was determined to be in the Flint area, the quake was felt as far away as Fort Wayne, Indiana, Akron, Ohio and Houghton Lake in northern Michigan. And while Moore’s kneel down may have affected the most people, he wasn’t the only Hollywood elite to support the NFL protests first started by now-unemployed quarterback Colin “Knee Cap” Kaepernick.

“Comedienne” Sarah Silverman had to actually get up on one knee, having already been down on both knees – her usual position. Talk show host Chelsea Handler had to do the same thing. Former Star Trek actor George Takei…….same thing.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement, “We were so impressed with Hollywood’s business model of losing money by alienating their audiences, we’ve decided to adopt the same policy for our league.”

Goodell also said he and the NFL player’s union were in talks to change the name of the league to the SFL (Social Football League). Final note: The tsunami warning issued for the Great Lakes, due to Moore’s kneel down in Michigan, has been discontinued.


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3 Thoughts to “Michael Moore Kneels in NFL Solidarity, 4.6 Quake Hits Michigan

  1. I’m not surprised about Handler, Silverman, or Takei…and it really kind of makes sense with Moore being from Flint, Michigan…doesn’t it? Am I wrong, or is that poetic justice for BOTH of them (Desert Man said, having been born 20 miles EAST of Flint!).

    1. E. Williams

      Thank God you were far away from the epicenter!

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