Michael Wolff’s New Book Fire and Fury: My Battle Passing a Kidney Stone


NEW YORK – Author Michael Wolff, the hit-piece writer who Sloppy Steve Bannon allowed access to the White House during President Trump’s first term, has released his much talked about book, Fire and Fury: My Battle Passing a Kidney Stone. The book contains a few political punches because the episode occurred while Wolff was at the White House.

“I’ve never felt that kind of pain,” Wolff wrote. “I was taping a conversation I was having with Ivanka, and thinking about how I was going to twist her words to make her seem like some bimbo, hose-beast from hell, when I starting feeling this pain in my lower back. I realized I suddenly needed to get to a restroom. So I suggested we take 5. Ivanka concurred and I made a dash to the men’s room.

When I urinated, I felt a distinct stinging or burning sensation in my little pecker, and noticed there was blood in my stream. I couldn’t leave the bathroom! The pain wouldn’t go away and I called Sloppy, asking him to call for the White House doctor on duty.

Well, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers because I want people to buy the book. But there was lots of pain, sweating, a trip to the ER, and I thought I might die. In it, I describe my experience in detail, and the title Fire and Fury is exactly what I went through during my ordeal, I can assure you.”

Author Michael Wolff



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