Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Show Aborted in First Trimester


NETFLIX – The so-called ‘comedian’ and professional Trump basher, Michelle Wolf, had her new show aborted after just three months on the streaming service. Wolf, a huge supporter of abortion, can’t be too unhappy with the termination of the unwanted show in its first trimester.

“I should be really bummed,” Wolf said, “But it’s their network, their choice. I was hoping they would give the show a full nine-month run, and then maybe if they didn’t want it at that time, like, some other network could adopt it? You know, you could tell the show was developing. But I guess they thought it was inconvenient, or something.”

The Break With Michelle Wolf  had glorified abortion during its brief run, which is quite ironic. And despite the show being a labor of love for the unfunny Wolf, Netflix brutally used a pair of forceps to yank the show right out of its programming schedule.

Leftists are angry, whining that aborting the show is a miscarriage of justice. “That’s one less voice trashing Trump!” they complained on Twitter. Michelle wasn’t even told of the sudden termination of the show by Netflix, saying she first heard the news from her OB-GYN.

Michelle says she still has high hopes of portraying former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in a movie about her life. “I really identify with Debbie because we’re both even uglier on the inside than we are on the outside. It would be an easy paycheck for me.”



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