Migrants Decline Free Tear Gas Gift At Border Crossing

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TIJUANA – In the spirit of Black Friday weekend, U.S. Border Patrol agents offered free tear gas canisters to members of the migrant caravan trying to illegally enter the country. There were few takers.

David Sanchez of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in San Ysidro, California, said, “We saw hordes of migrants rushing toward our gates and it looked just like the crowds storming a store on Black Friday. We were running some amazing specials on tear gas canisters – practically giving them away – to any migrants that wanted them. I assumed that’s what they came for.

“But after we started distributing the tear gas evenly among the migrants, they started to scatter and run. We were just trying to be helpful by delivering it right to them. They didn’t seem to appreciate our gesture of good will. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.”

Some thought man in center had stopped to go back for his free tear gas on the ground, but later revealed he had only stopped to practice his surfing technique on the concrete slope.

Sanchez also stated that tear gas containers, preferably unopened, are a great gift for white elephant parties during the holiday season. He feels that the migrants may have missed out on a really good deal.

Some migrants in the current caravans in Mexico may have some misconceptions about American tear gas. It’s no better than what they would get back home. In fact, most could have saved themselves a 1500-mile walk and got a good tear gassing in their own country.


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