MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Appalled by Trump/Putin Manspreading Display


NEW YORK – Everyone is in agreement that “manspreading” is the biggest challenge facing mankind, probably since the centuries-old problem of not being able to find men’s dress shirts that look good untucked. Thank God, the owner of UNTUCKit has alleviated the latter.

So it was no surprise that MSNBC host Chris Matthews couldn’t get past what he saw during this week’s G20 summit meeting between President Trump and Russia’s President Putin. Matthews felt the need to “mansplain” the incident:

“See how both men are spreading their legs open, as far as their chairs will allow? It’s just so blatant – and so unnecessary. I got no tingles out of this. None. In fact, such an egregious display of manspreading on the world stage like this, well, it sets what progress we’ve made on the issue of manspreading way back. Like, decades back.”

Matthews spent the better part of his show Hardball¬†speaking with reporters at the G20 in Germany, as well as in-studio panelists, on the manspreading travesty. They were all in agreement that the controversy was the biggest takeaway from this year’s summit.



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One Thought to “MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Appalled by Trump/Putin Manspreading Display

  1. Amilou

    Men have sat like that for years and you idiotic people start harping on stuff that doesn’t even concern you they were both in their own seat they weren’t infringing on anybody but you media still have to say something you’re all just a bunch of crap

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