MSNBC’s Joyless Reid: Term ‘Chain’ Migration Should Be Banned

NEW YORK – The woke, weekend MSNBC host of #AMJOY, Joy(less) Reid, said today that the term ‘chain’ migration should be banned because it is offensive to her. The term apparently triggers memories of Reid’s childhood, when she was brought to America, in chains, as a young slave.

Joy, who described her own weekend show as “off the chain,” said she’s already voiced her hate for the term up the chain of command at MSNBC. Sadly, Joy herself is not very high on the political food chain. “I’ve sent a thousand chain letters to the brass at the network, but I can’t get no satisfaction.”

The band had no comment on Reid’s remarks.

Shackled by her own racism, Joy has even sought help from members of her own MSNBC chain gang – Joe Scarborough and his chain-smoking ball and chain, Mika. “If we could just force people to stop using that word,” Mika exhaled, “We could start a chain reaction of love that would be stronger than any chain link fence in the world.” Mika is considered to be the brains of the pair.

It was then explained to Reid that the word ‘chain,’ like many words in the English language, can have multiple meanings, but the social justice talk show host didn’t buy it. “If it sounds racist to me, it’s racist. End of story.” Sounds like she’s yanking our chain.


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