MSNBC’s Velshi Tries To Flag Down A Few Viewers For Show

NEW YORK – MSNBC host Ali Velshi tried frantically this week to get the attention of anybody that might have any interest at all in a little show he does with co-host Stephanie Ruhle. Judging by the ratings, Velshi’s antics fell way short.

Ali waved his arms wildly, inadvertently slapping Ruhle in the face several times, and waking her up from her on-air nap during the show. Ruhle opened her eyes slightly, but never lost her normal, resting bitch face expression.


“I was just trying to get anyone who may have been walking through the room with their TV on to stop and watch our show for a few minutes,” Velshi stated. “We aren’t really able to hold viewers very long and I didn’t know what else to do.”

“We had just cut away from the Trump/Kanye meeting in the Oval Office,” Ruhle added, “And we had some really good, condescending remarks to make about Kanye and the president’s mental instability. But we were afraid no one was out there to hear them, so Ali went to work.”

A handful of MSNBC viewers, having muted the pair earlier, called the network during the display. Some asked if Velshi was introducing a martial arts segment, while others wondered if Ali had farted and was attempting to disperse the evidence, since Ruhle looked like she was about to pass out.


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4 Thoughts to “MSNBC’s Velshi Tries To Flag Down A Few Viewers For Show

  1. Damn…is that what it takes to get higher ratings? I wish I would have known that when I was back doing my morning show! It would have helped (of course…we WERE #1 anyway!)

    1. E. Williams

      Yeah, you guys didn’t have to worry about resorting to cheap tactics to attract an audience!

      1. don’t forget…I was the one that brought Jim & Tammy Baker’s air conditioned dog house to Toledo as a publicity stunt!

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