Nancy Pelosi Unveils ‘Impeachment Chic’ Fashion Line For Dems


WASHINGTON – High Priestess of The Swamp, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attended her own funeral this week. But she did make one last fashion statement. She unveiled her new ‘Impeachment Chic’ fashion line for her fellow Democrats.

Pelosi showed up for the impeachment vote of President Trump wearing a black number that seemed appropriate for the event. One that marked the beginning of the end of her political career. She explained her fashion choice to Fox News’s Martha McCallum.

“Martha, I want to make clear, my new line of fashion-forward impeachment wear is not just for impeachments. Let’s say you did something you later regretted, but you can’t get out of it and realize you’ve screwed yourself and your whole party, my outfits are for those occasions too.”

“Whether you’ve botched a holiday party, alienated your family with your support of AOC and Antifa, or been outsmarted by the president, my impeachment chic line is for you. And my garments are all lined with heavy duty Spanx, which we all need, of course.”

“And one final point, Martha, my line is perfect for those occasions when you know you’re partying on the inside….but you need to appear solemn on the outside. Just like during our impeachment vote against the president!”


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