Nation Celebrates SuperMonday One Day After SuperMoon

HAWAII – Astronomers at the Gemini Observatory explained the supermoon phenomenon widely known as “SuperMonday,” as the nation celebrated the single Monday in decades where American workers, and those from other countries around the world, can’t wait to go back to work on a Monday. The tradition goes back thousands of years.

Dr. Paul Gadditz, the director of astronomy and unexplained phenomena for the observatory, explained it this way: “According to ancient texts, an early caveman was on his way to work on a Monday, heading to his job breaking rocks at the local quarry. On the way, he was attacked by a large saber-tooth tiger. But, somehow, he was able to kill the animal all by himself and live to tell the tale.”


“His feat happened to occur the morning after the closest supermoon, and that’s how “SuperMonday” came into being. The rare event only happens when the closest of supermoons occurs on a Sunday. Most people can’t even imagine a Monday where workers expect good things to happen at work. In fact, there hasn’t been a Monday when employees looked forward to going back to work since 1948. And it won’t happen again for another 18 years, so I hope everybody enjoyed today.”

Dr. Gadditz pointed out that while Mondays deserve the crappy reputation they have, he felt sorry for those born after World War 2 who have never been able to experience looking forward to a Monday at work their entire lives – until today. Happy SuperMonday!


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