Nation Sarcastically Thanks Florida For Recount: ‘Yeah, That Was Fun’

Ready to get on with their lives, American voters sarcastically thanked Florida’s election officials for dragging the country through a recount for the senate and governor races. A weary nation sarcastically acknowledged Florida’s Democratic officials for their incompetence in the midterm election.

“Yeah that was fun, Florida. Thanks. Can we stop playing around and get back to reality now?” GOP voters across the nation did not appreciate the ridiculous waste of time the recount was, all in a failed attempt by election officials in a few counties to steal the election for Democrats.


Many Democrats weren’t happy with the state either. “Hey, we’re all for rigging results for our candidates. Voter fraud, and ballots that appear out of thin air after polls close, we’re all cool with those things too,” they collectively stated.

“But they’re not very good at what they do. If you’re gonna cheat with a recount, then cheat to win! They didn’t change the results, did they? So, they suck at their jobs,” frustrated Democrats added.

The FEC (Federal Election Commission) is considering how to deal with counting Florida’s ballots in the future. One option on the table is letting the state’s 4th grade elementary students be in charge of handling and certifying election returns.

It couldn’t hurt.


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