NCAA: Gatorade Baths Out, But Players Can Dump Bucket Of Hand Sanitizer On Coaches

INDIANAPOLIS – It was fun while it lasted. Watching players on a winning team douse their coach with a huge bucket of Gatorade as time runs out is a staple in many sports. Sadly, all sports will be different when they return after the pandemic of 2020.

Along with banning showers and spitting from the game, officials with the NCAA have announced some changes for the next college football season. Although Gatorade will still available for players to drink, it will be illegal for players to dump buckets of the sports drink over the heads of their coach after a victory.

“A slippery, funky mess” is how one coach described a hand sanitizer bath.

The new rule, cited in the NCAA Rule Book under Victory Celebrations, article 7, section 41.a, subsection 3.c, states that “At the conclusion of a contest, players may and/or shall dump huge amounts of hand sanitizer over a coach’s head and body, using any large container, providing said container has been disinfected before being used in the aforementioned celebratory act.”

An NCAA spokesperson said, “It’s for health reasons, and who doesn’t love hand sanitizer these days, right? We looked at letting players dump rolls of toilet paper over a coach’s head instead….but that’s just silly.”


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