New Un-American Airline To Fly America-Hating Dems To Foreign Countries

NEW YORK – President Trump is helping to fund and launch a new carrier that will predominantly relocate American-hating, progressive Democrats to other countries. The new venture will be called Un-American Airlines. Representatives AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley have been offered free, first-class seats on the inaugural flight later this year.

Un-American Airlines will cater to those on the radical Left of today’s Democratic Party. All flights will be piloted by illegal aliens. In addition, the entire fleet of aircraft will use racism as fuel because, while being a vile and overused substance in America today, it does not contribute to climate change.

Other features of the new airline include flight paths that only make left turns through the duration of each flight. All angry passengers will be served by flight attendants such as Alyssa Milano, Megan Rapinoe, Chelsea Handler, and Barbra Streisand.

Any turbulence encountered during a flight will immediately be blamed on Trump by the pilots, and announced over the intercom system. On normal flights, illegal aliens will be seated in the first-class section, while regular American Democrats will be relegated to flying coach.


If overnight layovers are necessary on a flight overseas, passengers will be put up for the night in concentration camps – with complimentary toilet water! All registered Republicans will be placed on a permanent no-fly list with the airline.

A statement from President Trump read, “We want to be able to get these America-hating Democrats, including members of the media, on their way to some other country as quickly and efficiently as possible. I’m doing these ungrateful morons a favor. And the country will be the better for it.”


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