New York Times Changing Name to WikiTimes to Gain Credibility

NEW YORK CITY – The New York Times has been lining the bottom of countless bird cages for decades now. The paper used to be “all the news that’s fit to print,” but the tagline has morphed into “all the news we decide is fit to print” over the years.

“The Gray Lady,” a nickname for the Times for many years, has become “The Gray Jackass” in a nod to the mascot of the Democratic Party, as well as a reference to how they report the news these days. And their readership has been dropping ever since.

Once the Times became an arm of the Democratic Party, their credibility went in the toilet. They lost their journalistic integrity and have been trying to figure out how to regain it ever since. But the Times, they are a changin’, and these days it is WikiLeaks that Americans are turning to for the truth about their government.

New York Times

In that spirit, the New York Times has decided to re-brand themselves as WikiTimes. An unnamed Times editor said, “We think putting Wiki in our name will give us some street cred in the industry again. When WikiLeaks publishes something, it’s the character’s own words the public gets, even when it reveals how despicable and conniving many in our government are.”

WikiLeaks continues to run circles around the American media, digging up the truth when biased, puppet reporters refuse to do so. In fact, the liberal Washington Post is also considering a name change to WikiWaPo.


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One Thought to “New York Times Changing Name to WikiTimes to Gain Credibility

  1. Ah, this is what happens when you let liberals into mainstream America! Soon they want to be tycoons, just like the conservative “fat cats”, and then they screw everything up because they don’t understand how to run a business. Don’t believe me? Look at the former Clear Channel! Now it’s “I Heart Media”???? What’s up with that?

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