NOAA Admits Hurricane Forecast Models Drawn By 3-Year-Old Twins


SILVER SPRING – NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) officials admitted this week that the forecast models used to show projected hurricane paths are actually drawn by 3-year-old twins.

Known as spaghetti models, the charts are used to show the public some possibilities the path a hurricane or tropical storm may take. And while most of these models look like they were drawn by a small child, this is the first admission of the practice by NOAA.


Bill Steiner, a marine climatologist for NOAA, said his 3-year-old daughters, Sadie and Chloe, are the creators of the latest models being used to forecast the path of Hurricane Florence. “They got hold of one of my blank maps one evening, and their doodles look as good as anything our high-powered computers spit out. Plus, they work for free!”

NOAA officials said they really don’t have a clue where a storm is going to go until it’s almost there, and that the girls’ “pisgetti” pictures, are just as accurate as what they would come up with. “We give the girls a box of crayons, a starting point, and they do the rest,” Steiner said. “I’m so proud!”


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  1. Ok, I wasn’t going to read this. I am so tired from a letter to editor writing session last night. Darn politics has now consumed my life as I work to “save our State” aka SOS. But, this piece of Truth, OK Satire had me in peals of laughter. Thanks so much for a welcome relief!

    1. E. Williams

      Lynn! Thanks. We’ve missed you! Keep fighting the good fight out there.

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