North Korea Set to Test “Redheaded Stepchild of All Bombs”

PING PONG, N. KOREA – The United States today dropped what they are calling “the mother of all bombs” on ISIS targets in Afghanistan. Russia has an arsenal of massive bombs they refer to as “the father of all bombs.” Now, North Korea is set to test what is being called “the redheaded stepchild of all bombs” to show its own military might.

The “redheaded stepchild bomb” gets no respect in the ordnance industry, or from other countries. North Korea’s leader, the crazy fat kid, gets no respect from other world leaders either. It seems as though the two naturally go together.

Whereas the American bomb is GPS guided and has a devastating effect over a mile in all directions from the impact site, North Korea’s bomb never seems to impress anyone, no matter how hard it tries. It’s considered the black sheep of the explosives family.

The redheaded stepchild bomb doesn’t look like any other type of bomb and that could be why it isn’t taken more seriously. Add to that the fact that it usually carries a ginger-filled warhead and you can see why most leaders aren’t that afraid of Lil’ Kim.

Ironically, if North Korea does launch their bomb in an attack on the US, President Trump has vowed to beat Kim like a redheaded stepchild.



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  1. You’d figure that the guys that invented explosives (the Chinese) would give ol’ Alvin the Chipmunk a few lessons!

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