Obama Memoir To Be Titled “Wiretap Dancing Around the Issues”


WASHINGTON – In what may be the biggest book deal bust in history, former wiretapper Barack Obama landed a deal for his memoir that will pay he and wife Michelle a reported $60 million for books from the two. Now we know what the working title for Mr. Obama’s memoir will be.

“I thought ‘Wiretap Dancing Around the Issues‘ was a clever play on words, don’t you think?” Obama asked. “You know, wiretapping and tap dancing around the truth were two of my favorite things to do during my time in office.”

When asked if the rumors are true about his wiretapping phones in Trump Tower during the presidential campaign, Barry didn’t seem to be too worried about it. “If I did or I didn’t, who cares? I was a black president. What’s Trump gonna do?”

“My buddies in the media will call him a racist and run interference for me. But we thought Hillary had it in the bag. So, if she had won, nobody would have ever found out about my listening in. It was the perfect plan, really. Except that woman couldn’t win an election to save her life!”

Obama’s memoir promises to be around 200 pages of reminding the world how great he was, how he never made any mistakes while in office, and the many ways the world, not just America, was privileged to have had him here to save our planet.


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  1. Naida Williams

    Everyone should be reminded that their books will be under the “Fiction” section of the bookstores and not the “Non-Fiction”….keep up the good work….NW

    1. E. Williams

      Good point.

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