Obama Unsure Whether Climate Change Models Or Coronavirus Models Are More Wrong

MARTHA’S VINEYARD – It’s Earth Day, so Barack Obama emerged just long enough to make his obligatory comments about the dangers of climate change. The former president released a statement saying climate change would be more devastating to the world than the coronavirus.

Each year, Obama picks a different boogeyman to pit against the coming doom of climate change. And climate change always wins. Always. However, he wasn’t sure which models were more incorrect. Are climate change models more wrong than coronavirus models?


“That’s difficult to answer. Both have been wrong so far. Both overstate the damage caused to humanity. But both give us a tool to bludgeon President Trump with. So, uh, I would say your premise is incorrect. Even if all our models are way off, as long as Democrats can use them to trash Trump and Republicans….they have intrinsic value. In that way, it doesn’t matter if our models are accurate or not.”

Barack also defended the modeling process for both topics. “Who cares if it’s ‘garbage in, garbage out’ as long as the means justifies our ends. Junk science is only junk science if it can’t help you politically. ‘The Rona’ came along just in time for me to pit it against climate change.”

Obama then said he was glad to be able to uplift the spirits of Americans. If we survive ‘the Rona,’ climate change will finish us off. And if that doesn’t happen, Democrats will come up with something else to make us all want to welcome the Reaper.


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  1. Lol, but it so easily could be true!

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