Obama’s North Korea Advice: “Just Wait for Kim to Die Someday”

SOUTH KOREA – Former president Barack Obama is still under the false assumption that anybody actually give’s a rip what he thinks about anything. But that’s never stopped him before.

While meeting with South Korea’s leader last week, Obama took the opportunity to trash President Trump, apologize for America being responsible for all evil in the world, and give his advice for how to handle the current North Korean nuclear threat.

“Well, if I were still in office, I wouldn’t do a thing. That was always my modus operandi, unless it had to do with social or racial issues. I would just back off and wait for Kim to die someday. Why rock the boat?

“I’m sure Trump will do something rash, like try to take Kim out using covert operations or launch a series of strategic military strikes. This would be a mistake.

“You have to realize, like I do, that when Kim launches nukes at the US someday, he’s simply doing it for attention. That’s why I’d ignore him. And after he’s killed a few million Americans, I’m betting he’ll get bored and leave us alone.

“Everybody just needs to chill. Trust me, he’s young now, but he’s gonna die someday.”


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