Ocasio-Cortez Considering Changing Last Name To Pelosi


WASHINGTON – Alexandria Pelosi? Maybe. But is this town big enough for two Pelosi’s? Incoming Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has long cemented her spot as the biggest idiot in Congress. Now, a new challenger has appeared.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the ditzy darling of the Socialist-Democrat party, is desperately trying to out Pelosi Pelosi. “I say, like, 10 more moronic things a day than Nancy does. I’m even thinking of changing my last name to Pelosi.”

“It’s kind of a way to honor her stupidity, but also a way to say, like, ‘Hey, hit the road, you old bag. The millennials are here. I got this.’ I think my confidence in coming here to fix Washington is that I don’t really understand how things work. As long as it, like, sounds good, right?”

The news about Ocasio-Cortez possibly changing her last name is setting up an epic battle over the next couple of years. Nancy and Alexandria will go to war to out-stupid the other. The coming gaffes from the two should be highly entertaining.

When former Vice-Prez Joe Biden got word of Cortez challenging Pelosi’s level of stupidity, he remarked, “I want in!”

Alexandria says she’s having none of that. “Those two are fossils. I’m the Pelosi of a new generation.”


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