Ocasio-Cortez: Lincoln Might Be Alive Today If US Had Gun Control In 1860’s


WASHINGTON – Noted historian and climate guru Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was interviewed in a town hall meeting on MSNBC recently. While rambling from issue to issue, making it up as she goes, she had a very “Cortez” take on Abraham Lincoln.

“You guys, Abraham Lincoln may very well be alive today if we’d only had sensible gun control measures in effect in the 1860’s. John Wilkes Booth wouldn’t have been able to obtain his AR-15 in the first place. But, like, they didn’t even have universal background checks back then,” AOC mused.

AOC lamented that Americans didn’t possess signs like this one during Lincoln’s lifetime.

The studio audience applauded and nodded in agreement. Host Chris Hayes then asked how Lincoln would still be alive under her scenario, noting that the former president would be over 200 now.

“Are you sure? I’m not real good with numbers. But if anybody could live to be 200, he could do it because he was a great man.” More audience applauding.

“I’m going to live to be, like, over 200 years-old because I’m smarter than everyone else,” Cortez continued. “And just to be clear, Chris, all of these things I’m saying make sense in my head. If some things I say don’t make sense to some people, they just may not be very smart to begin with. I know what I’m talking about. I’m a bartender.”

AOC finally explained that the Civil War wouldn’t have ever happened if gun confiscation laws had been on the books in the 1800’s. Asked how people of that time would have been able to hunt and kill prey for food without guns, Cortez explained, “With their hands! Duh.”


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13 Thoughts to “Ocasio-Cortez: Lincoln Might Be Alive Today If US Had Gun Control In 1860’s

  1. Had Lincoln waited for negotiations at the time, gradually ending slavery, 600,000 American Lives would not had been lost is America’s bloodiest War. AOC is a complete Socialist, indoctrinated young fool.

    1. The confederate states simply seceded from the Union. There was no way they were going to seriously negotiate with Lincoln. The American Civil War could never have been stopped by anybody, including President Lincoln. And by the way, AOC, you need, like, guns to fight a F’ing war!

  2. Gideon Rockwell

    This insane child in a woman’s body could very like bump Mad Maxine out as Mayor of Crazy Town. I’m beginning to think the entire Democrat Party has had a massive mental break down . With moonbats like this wanting to take over the government and install totalitarian rule over the population ain’t now way, no how I will ever surrender my God Given Rights to own and carry my firearms. The Democrats actively do more and more each day to prove they are the enemy within.

  3. Emil Gamm

    If he had ,had proper backing by the presidential protection team, he would have finished his term.

  4. wdg

    AOC’s IQ dips into the negative numbers again. Wait a second …it never was above zero. She be brain dead. Now if ionly her mouth would realize that no one is at home in the upstairs head.

  5. john

    John Booth didn’t have an AR-15 as AOS stated, so much for the history lesson.

  6. Anonymous

    The only gun control we need is NO LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ARE ALLOWED TO GET A GUN EVER. John Wilks Boothe was a racist democrat! All the idiotic shooting are always by crazed liberals!!!

  7. Al

    Rumor has it that John Booth heard rumor that in a drunken moment Lincoln had said he was going to confiscate guns from the citizens…….the rest is history.

  8. Alan

    I can not believe that this twit was elected to serve the people as a Congress person! God helo not only NY State but The US with dimwits like AOC and her terrorist buddies tweedle du and tweedle dum!

  9. Brat23

    I know there are stupid people in the world but I think AOC gets the blue ribbon for stupidity.

  10. Jon Exner

    Wow, if Lincoln was alive today that would make him almost 200 years old.

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