O’Reilly Leaves Fox News, Now Nobody Looking Out For You

NEW YORK – It’s a tough time to be alive. For decades, America could relax at night because Bill O’Reilly and his O’Reilly Factor show were watching out for us. We knew that. It was comforting. But nothing lasts forever, and now you’re on your own.

Oh sure, Bill will keep writing his “killing” books. His next is expected to be “Barack Obama: Killing America.” That should be good. But how will people know when/if they’re being pithy enough? Will America dumb down even more without its “word of the day?”

You’re all going to have to come up with your own talking points memo now. It won’t be easy. And when you walk into any new environment (a party, a park, movie theater, etc.) you won’t know if you’re walking into a “No Spin Zone” or not, because nobody will tell you up front that you’re in one like Bill did.

Hopefully, most of you know in your soul whether you’re a Pinhead or a Patriot by now. Because if you don’t, you’re never gonna know for sure now. We must push on though. Be strong. Be kind to one another. Feel free if you wish to opine!

It would be nice if we knew how this chapter and story in our nation’s history was going to play out, but unfortunately, we no longer have a “back of the book segment” to consult. Good luck, everybody!


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2 Thoughts to “O’Reilly Leaves Fox News, Now Nobody Looking Out For You

  1. Ahh…don’t worry…I hear that Janeane Garofalo is going to team up with him, and they’re going to re-start Point/CounterPoint on 60 Minutes.

    1. E. Williams

      Say it ain’t so!

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