Palestinians Plan ‘Day of Tantrums’ to Protest Trump Jerusalem Decision

GAZA STRIP – Leaders of terror group Hamas have urged Palestinians to observe a “Day of Tantrums” today as a way of protesting President Trump’s decision this week to designate Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and to eventually move the U.S. embassy there.

The Palestinian people are being asked to stomp their feet, scream, whine, bitch, fold their arms, pout, cry, and roll around on the ground until they get their way as a way of showing their anger over Trump’s announcement.

“We thought about calling our protest a ‘Day of Rage,'” one Hamas leader told us, “But then we thought, ‘We already do that on every day of the week that ends in a ‘y’.’ It just wouldn’t have the same impact as throwing tantrums does.”


Palestinians are being told that using explosives, or firing rockets into Israel, are optional on the Day of Tantrums. “If you’ve got ’em, launch ’em,” the Hamas leader said. “But the day is really more geared to being as annoying to the international community as possible, screaming about not getting our way, and venting, which is very cathartic for us as an immature people.”

Having suffered from a terrible case of “the mads” about everything for years now, few populations in modern history have been in such need of a collective time-out as the Palestinian people.

photo credit: AP


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  1. john l

    They’ve been watching the left wing here in America, they’ve been having a temper tantrum for over a year!

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